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You’re Not Sure Which Insurance To Choose – Now What?
December 11, 2022 at 10:00 PM
You’re Not Sure Which Insurance To Choose – Now What?

Insurance shopping can be overwhelming, no matter what kind you’re looking for. Coverage, deductions, conditions, and policies can start to blur together in one massive headache. So when you don’t know which way is up but still need insurance, engaging a professional is the way to go.

Insurance advisors exist expressly to navigate the road to selecting the right insurance for you. With their expertise, industry experience, and personable attitudes, insurance advisors are the best solution for navigating insurance chaos.

8 Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Advisor

  1. Impartiality

It is in an insurance advisor's best interest to get you the policy that fits your needs. They have no allegiance to specific companies, only to you. As impartial advisors, they have extensive knowledge, training, and experience in different insurance marketplaces, not to mention access to a comprehensive range of insurance companies. Additionally, their impartiality and knowledge give insurance advisors an advantage when negotiating coverage.

2. Range of Insurer Options

There are so many more insurers than the ones with TV commercials! Insurance advisors know the industry landscape and whether a more niche insurer is right for you. In addition, advisors have access to unique markets that just aren't accessible by big insurers. Using an advisor will save you time, ensure you get the right policy, and keep your premiums as low as possible.

3. Objective Risk Assessments

As part of impartiality, your insurance advisor can make objective risk assessments or recommend trusted outside parties to make assessments. Whether you're seeking personal or business insurance, making self-assessments about your coverage needs can be challenging. However, with advanced technology and up-to-date resources, insurance advisors are well-placed to take the guesswork out of assessments.

4. Cut The Fat

Why pay for insurance that you don't need? With many all-inclusive insurance packages, you get a one-size-fits-all solution that is often too big or too small. Instead, insurance advisors can create a policy that only includes what you need and frees you from paying for useless extras.

5. Claim Assistance

Advisors can guide you through the process of a claim settlement. If a claim process should extend beyond their expertise, an insurance advisor will refer you to a broker or legal counsel who is best suited to help support your claim.

6. Time Savings

Time is precious, and you shouldn’t spend it learning the nitty gritty of a whole new industry so that you can buy some insurance! Insurance advisors are experts, and that expertise will save you time. With an insurance advisor, you don't have to shop around, you don’t have to make your own cost comparison spreadsheet, and you certainly don't have to wait days on end for a response from an insurance company. The time and effort you save using an insurance advisor are invaluable.

7. The Right Advice

Insurance advisors are trained specialists whose network of experience and relationships give them an edge in the industry. By offering balanced, objective advice, insurance advisors can recommend the best insurance based on your individual risk and liabilities coverage needs.

You can “technically” do so many things yourself: taxes, civil lawsuits, and even medical care. Once you try, though, you realize that some things are best left to the experts. Insurance advisors are the experts you need when it’s time to choose insurance. Contact the insurance advisors at OWLFI when you are ready for sound, knowledgeable insurance advice.