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What retirement planning groups in Kansas City do for you
June 8, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A retired couple watching the sunset at a beach.

Navigating retirement planning is a complicated process that is often overwhelming. Fortunately, retirement planning groups in Kansas City can devise roadmaps and guide you toward future financial security to ensure your golden years remain gilded. At OWLFI, we are the premier strategic retirement planning firm in Lenexa. We boast an unequaled team of experts that provide total financial and legal security. Our communicative, tailored solutions enable clients to approach retirement with renewed confidence.

Here’s what retirement planning groups do for you:

They simplify retirement.

A retirement planning group in Kansas City simplifies the complex retirement planning process. Retirement planning requires considerable expertise.

Retirement advisors ensure you cover all your bases and are financially secure during retirement. This process is complicated, and it’s easy to miss essential aspects that pose a severe detriment to your retirement.

Retirement planning firms help capitalize on compounding through strategic investments and savings to accrue a more substantial nest egg. Retirement financial advisors also provide critical knowledge and answer key questions like:

  • When should you withdraw from Social Security?
  • How much will your investment portfolio generate?
  • Should you pay off your mortgage before or during retirement?
  • Which accounts should you draw from first?
  • And more.

Moreover, retirement advisors diversify your portfolio per your targets, risk tolerance, and timeline. If you need help simplifying retirement planning, at OWLFI, we take the 'tire' out of retirement planning.

They ensure you have adequate savings.

Many retirees planning for retirement fear outliving their retirement savings. Increasing life expectancy can mean you need to generate a larger retirement corpus.

Typically, Social Security benefits only compensate for 40% of pre-retirement salary. A retirement planning group can help determine how much you need to save for a financially secure retirement. Calculating this requires considering:

  • Life expectancy
  • Monthly expenses
  • Projected medical expenses
  • Expected retirement income
  • Current retirement savings
  • Current living standards
  • Your child’s education expenses
  • Spousal needs and income
  • And more.

Retirement planners also help create optimal withdrawal and spending strategies for your expenses. When you have established a savings goal, your retirement planner will develop a feasible plan tailored to your risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Ultimately, calculating your retirement needs and developing an effective strategy requires the expertise of a retirement planning group. Retirement advisors help create a portfolio that minimizes short-term losses and protects your savings.

If ensuring you have enough money saved for retirement is daunting, at OWLFI, we can establish your needs and develop strategies to fortify your financial future.

They optimize your tax situation.

Retirement planning groups in Kansas City also optimize your current and future tax situations.

Taxes significantly impact your present and future savings. Retirement advisors can help determine what kind of taxable income your investments will produce and advise you in arranging them to reduce taxes.

Ultimately, you will have to pay taxes on income, portfolio earnings, capital gains, and contributions to retirement saving accounts, which have long-term implications. The taxes you pay hinge on:

  • Your retirement income
  • Where you live
  • Your spouse’s retirement income
  • Annual account withdrawals
  • Homeownership
  • And more.

Retirement advisors structure your retirement income to minimize present and future taxation. Moreover, retirement advisors help with strategic estate planning, like creating a trust and making charitable donations to reduce tax strain on your heirs.

Call now to get started!

If you are currently planning for retirement, a strategic retirement planning group in Kansas City is essential to ensure your future is adequately secured. Fortunately, at OWLFI, we offer responsive and personalized solutions to devise the perfect strategy for you. We will partner with you and mine you for all the information we need to develop a strategic plan that ensures your golden years remain gilded. Contact us now to get started!