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3 things a financial advisor in Kansas City can do for you
July 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 things a financial advisor in Kansas City can do for you

No matter how much experience you have with money, managing your personal finances can be a difficult task. From putting together an effective and efficient budget to planning for the future, there really is a lot to think about. What’s more, these aren’t small decisions that you’re making. Planning your finances now and not the future plays a major role in the kind of life you’re able to lead as well as your overall comfort level. With help of a financial advisor in Kansas City, you can put together a plan to meet your current and future financial goals.

Our team at OWLFI understands the importance of setting and reaching your financial goals so we’re here to help. Keep reading below for three ways our team of financial advisors will work for you.

Retirement planning

If you’re planning on retiring, it’s essential that you create a plan to get there. This process requires that you set aside money each month for a significant number of years so you’re able to have enough money saved from the day you stop working until you pass away.

It can be overwhelming to plan for retirement, but your financial advisor will help you see the long-term effects of interest on your savings. This will not only give you a clear picture of what your finances look like now but will continue to look well into the future. The sooner you meet with an advisor the more prepared you’ll be for retirement and the clearer picture you’ll have going forward.

Tax planning

It doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed or working for a major corporation, taxes are unavoidable. Because of this, you need to prepare yourself each year to make sure that you’re maximizing the amount of money that you bring home to your family each year as well as meeting your tax obligation.

Don’t feel bad if you’re confused by your taxes. There’s a reason it’s called the tax code. It’s because it’s literally a code that the IRS has put out to the public to tell them what they do and don’t have to pay taxes on. The information is extremely convoluted and difficult to decipher.

At OWLFI, we’re experts in sorting it out so you don’t have to. Our team of financial advisors will help you plan your finances according to your tax bracket so you don’t pay more than you have to, which will help make you more financially secure.

Insurance management

These days, it can be incredibly dangerous to go about life without insurance. Whether it’s a car accident, a disaster affecting your home, or a serious illness, your world can change in an instant. Without insurance, you could be left to pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Having insurance is essential to ensuring that you and your family are protected now and into the future.

We’ll help you find an insurance policy to protect your assets. We’ll take into account your home, vehicles, as well as your business to make sure that you’re covered everywhere you need to be.

Contact us to get started

Don’t wait to get your finances in order, get in touch with our team at OWLFI today. You can meet with a financial advisor in Kansas City to learn more about how we can help you plan for retirement and taxes as well as how to protect you and your family with insurance. Give us a call, send a message, or use our online chat tool to get started. You can reach out to any of our offices and we’ll help you schedule an appointment.