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Retirement Structuring | Tax & Accounting | Insurance Investment Management | Estate Planning

Retirement Structuring

Whether retirement is decades away or just around the corner, our clients trust us to build holistic, comprehensive plans and then to implement them. Retirement planning is clarifying your income goals and the actions and decisions needed to achieve them.

We help you identify sources of income, maximize your savings and minimize your taxes while managing and protecting your assets. We coordinate services around your personalized plan because we have a team of CPA’s, Attorneys, and Financial Advisers all under one roof.

Retirement planning group Kansas City.

Tax & Accounting

We can accommodate your needs if you are an individual, family or business.

Tax planning and preparation go hand in hand. We will evaluate your current situation and offer tax-planning advice to limit your tax liability and help you plan for your future.

As the owner of a restaurant chain, developed from 1 location right here in Lawence, KS to over 40 locations nationwide we know business taxes.

As a integrated service within OWLFI we know retirement. Working with your OWLFI Financial Advisor we develop strategic methods to help you save as much of your income as possible.

We also provide bookkeeping, payroll, sales and tax compliance and can support your business as a controller and CFO.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of OWLFI's very important avenues that plays a large role in the strategic plans we offer. Insurance is tied into our planning process in very unique ways that can open up many solutions that you otherwise wouldn't have available to you. Rather than setting up life insurance policies for the traditional benefits, OWLFI sees insurance as not only that but a tool for many other aspects of your financial life

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Investment Management

At OWLFI investment management is taken much differently than most firms out there with the traditional methods and ideologies of a traditional investment. We actively manage our client's portfolios and investments uniquely tailored to our client's strategic plans. OWLFI is able to take this approach with the way we structure our advisor's clientele.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is another service we take a different approach to due to the way we structure our company with all different areas of our client's financial needs.

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Learn about us
We’re a financially savvy team of financial experts who love helping clients find financial solutions that complement their lifestyles.

OWLFI is a Lenexa-based financial service that guides clients toward the best finance solutions. With access to excellent rates, we help our clients save money.

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