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3 Things Your Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover
December 8, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Homeowners insurance doesn't cover all types of damage to the property.

Becoming a homeowner is a major milestone in most of our lives, which is why we take so many precautions to ensure that investment is protected. One of the most popular ways to do that is by securing homeowners insurance. These insurance policies give homeowners peace of mind knowing that if something happens to the property, they will receive financial compensation to help cover the necessary repairs.

However, most basic policies aren’t all-inclusive, and your provider might not cover certain situations. Understanding what’s covered and what’s not is imperative to maintaining your home without taking on unsustainable amounts of debt. That’s why our team here at OWLFI wants to make you aware of these three scenarios that typically require a special rider if you want coverage.

Circumstances not covered by traditional homeowners insurance

Property damage from certain natural disasters.

Some natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, and lightning storms, are covered by standard homeowners policies. However, not all of them are. Act of God events are those that result in damage to the property by natural causes that couldn’t have been prevented by reasonable foresight or care, and they require specialized policy riders. An earthquake is one example, but homeowners in the Greater Kansas City area historically haven’t needed to be concerned with this type of coverage. An Act of God that is of concern, though, is flood damage. Traditional policies won’t pay for repairs caused by natural flooding, and according to the USGS, floods have caused millions of dollars of damage for Kansas residents. If you want to ensure your home is protected from flood damage, our OWLFI insurance experts recommend discussing the benefits of a flood insurance policy.

Problems caused by lack of preventative maintenance.

As the homeowners, it’s your responsibility to ensure the property is well maintained to avoid costly repairs. That becomes especially apparent when you realize that your policy might not pay for expensive problems caused by negligence. Some examples include damage caused by termites, insects, or rodents, water damage and mold resulting from ignoring ongoing plumbing issues, and general wear and tear around the home. You can find specialized coverage options for some of these issues, but if you’d prefer not to pay the monthly premiums, you’ll need to take proactive measures to protect and maintain the property.

Sewage backing up into the home.

When sewer lines become blocked or broken, the waste has nowhere to go and can start to back up into your home. Whether it’s caused by clogs in the drain lines, tree roots damaging the sewer lines, or heavy rainfall overburdening the system, sewage backflows are an obvious problem for homeowners. If you can prove a torrential downpour of rain caused the issue, you might qualify for a payout under your flood insurance policy. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for all the repairs out of pocket unless you purchased sewer line insurance.

Do you have the coverage you need with your current homeowners insurance policy?

If you’re not sure, then the experts at OWLFI can help. With years of diverse professional experience, our passion is assisting our clients by providing them with the latest asset protection strategies available. We’ll work with you to provide a free property and casualty analysis of your personal needs and will find the perfect plan that meets both your coverage requirements and budget. Get started today by requesting a free quote, and let us help you ensure your home has the protection it needs.